The zoos and amusement parks are also open and welcome their visitors with many exciting novelties!
For a sunny start into the leisure season, KaGo & Hammerschmidt created two baobab trees in the Osnabrück Zoo, up to 12 metres high and with a trunk diameter of 4 metres wide, in the course of designing the lion and giraffe enclosure.

The trees have not only become a great eye-catcher, but also serve the giraffes and lions as an exciting feeding station and optimally imitate the feeding conditions of their natural habitat.
This project was a great cooperation with our client Scholle Bau and now we wish the zoo a successful season and the giraffes and lions a good appetite!

We are looking forward to further outstanding projects and do not hesitate to tell us your ideas and wishes. We would be happy to discuss the implementation and realisation with you.