Also in France a great highlight will be presented at the start of the season. Among them a new hotel and conference facility in the amusement park Grand Parc Puy Du Fou.
The complex “Le Grand Siècle” welcomes its guests in the style of the castle of Versailles and enchants with its baroque style elements.
Gold-coloured ornaments, hand-painted marble pilasters, facades adorned with stucco mouldings and decorative roof balustrades decorate the 8 hotel buildings of this impressive leisure complex.
Here we produced the entire theming of the external facades for the 8 hotel complexes in-house. Model making, mould making and casting for ornaments, sun face, volutes and shell creations.
Stucco mouldings, window frames, cornices, corner stones in CNC hot wire cutting including mineral coating and patination
Facades and marble painting and patination of the facade elements on site with our team of artists under the direction of Rene.
As well as the complete assembly on site with a team of up to 36 employees.

The reconstruction of a world cultural heritage site – and we were there! We wish the team of Puy Du Fou a successful start into the season and many overnight guests in “Le Grand Siècle”!

We are looking forward to further outstanding projects and do not hesitate to tell us your ideas and wishes. We would be happy to discuss the implementation and realisation with you.